Monday, May 28, 2012

Maple Spring

 Cualquier parecido con lo que ocurrió aquí en el 2010 y los estudiantes de la UPR, no es casualidad......

More than 400,000 filled the streets of Montreal this week as a protest over a 75 percent increase in tuition has grown into a full-blown political crisis. After three months of sustained protests and class boycotts that have come to be known around the world as the "Maple Spring," the dispute exploded when the Quebec government passed an emergency law known as Bill 78, which suspends the current academic term, requires demonstrators to inform police of any protest route involving 50 or more people, and threatens student associations with fines of up to $125,000 if they disobey. The strike has received growing international attention as the standoff grows, striking a chord with young people across the globe amid growing discontent over austerity measures, bleak economies and crushing student debt.

Taken from Democracy Now (Friday May 25th), written by Amy Goodman

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