Friday, January 14, 2005

Harry Potter anyone?

I think that this blog thing is cool. It allows me some precious and needed writing time. Perhaps after the first two weeks are up, we/ I can move onto other things without dropping the writing exercise. What do you think? Still haven’t seen anyone else’s writing. I wonder how it will go after we become involved in school work etc.

I noticed that the new Harry Potter book, HP and the Half-blood Prince will be out in July. When I first assigned that book, the first one, to my classes, that must have been like in 1998-99, I did so because it was being read widely by college students in the US and it was on the list of censured books. There was a ruckus about the book in the states. Some school boards were prohibiting it because of the wizardry and others for God knows why. So, of course it was a book I wanted to read and introduce to my students (always the devil’s advocate). So, I bought it from scholastic for about $5.99. I talked to my son about the book but he showed no interest, so I talked to my sister who has always loved science fiction and fantastical literature. She read it and loved it. Only then did my son decide to read it and then my Dad and it became a family thing. My students, the ones who actually bothered to read it, also loved it. Some went on to read the others (only two books then). Now it has become common knowledge. Everyone knows who HP is and has either heard or read the novels or watched the films. (There’s nothing like Hollywood to promote a book.) Confession: I never got passed book I, but I have seen the films.

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Kenny said...

It's so very interesting that if you abreviate Harry Potter in Spanish you just end up with an "hijo de puta" hence the "HP". Same thing happened to Hewlett-Packard. They bought the company Compaq and now they're know only as "Esos HPs de Compaq". Seriously, Compaq was the septic tank of the digital world. I don't see why ANYONE would want to be affiliated with such a disgrace for company.

Sad to say, I haven't read a single Harry Potter book...and yet, I've seen all three movies. They closed the bloody bookshop in Plaza del Norte, as a result my reading time has been hindered. Since I don't have easy access to books I've been a little stumped as to what I should read this year. Although, I did get a shit-load of books from my sixth grade English teacher. Ranging from "The Exorcist", Anne Rice and many horror (at least I'd like to so) disasterpieces all of which include the word "blood" in their titles. I say "shit-load" because I received at least fifteen books. Which is good, because I spent my money on Ebay searching for rare CDs; for example the VERY RARE CD by the band Cradle of Filth entitled "Raredaemonaeon". I don't know what the title means but I don't really care...personally I think it's three words in one: Rare, Daemon meaning demon (I think, I'm not sure) and Aeon meaning a bunch of eons. This CD is for COLLECTOR'S purposes only for it is limited to 666 copies. Only 666 copies!!! Fortunately, Cradle of Filth isn't cheap Pop Rock, so it only cost me $35. A lot of the music I hear is very underground so not many people know about it.

As for writing when COLLEGE starts I'll probably write more often since I'll frequently be in the university wasting time in the library. Tomorrow is my last day of vacation so I'm going to live it to the last drop. The last drop is going to fall quickly since I'll need to prepare my notebooks and my bookbag for Tuesday. At least I picked a lot of evening classes so I could sleep in more.